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Pond Services UK can offer all there customers design packages to suit everyones budget with our state of the art technology and make sure you get the water-garden you want, it is always best for one of our team to come and have a site visit, this way you can put your ideas to us and what you would like as an end result, and we can advise you if it is at all possible with the area you have, and the best way forward.
When designing a pond there are many things to take in to account.

- 1. Is the pond big enough for you.
- 2. Don't make the pond to big for your garden.
- 3. Is there anything that could infect your pond near by.
- 4. How deep does it need to be.
- 5. Do you want waterfalls, (would it benefit by having them).
- 6. Do you want a fountain.
- 7. What type of filtration are you going to have.
- 8. Are you going to have an ultra violet light.
- 9. Is your pond going to be a liner / concrete or per-formed or other.
-10. What is best for the type of fish you want to keep.
- And many more.....

The most important advice we can give you is....Give it a lot of thought. Get it right first time and save yourself money from the start.
We can advise you as to the best for your pond and where you will get many trouble free years of enjoyment.




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