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Company Profile

About us:
Pond Services begun over 40 years ago, because like most businesses they start as a hobby. The person behind the family run business is Ian Hunter who is very knowledgeable and passionate at what we do. 

We have grown over the years and are still growing year on year. We are lucky as we don’t need to advertise and have not done so for over 25 years, as most of our work is recommendation and word of mouth. So that tells the story of a reputable business.

Ian has worked hard over the years to build the business up which now the family are involved. Anything to do with water gardening then we are the company to come to, as you will be offered the correct advice every time.

We have an excellent reputation by offering a first-class service and after-sales service to all water gardeners’ enthusiasts, and by this it has made us the business we are today. Friendly and helpful staff, giving you the customers peace of mind, knowing there is always someone at the end of a phone, or we can come out and help solve any problem/s you may be experiencing.

We understand the problems that customers can encounter in design, constructing/building and filtration systems of new pond and how it all works, and this is why you need the correct products to do the correct job.
We do not sell equipment for the sake of it... If you don't need it, we won't sell you it... 

All our staff are fully aware of all and any problems you may have with your pond and fish, as we have come across them many times before.

Some in-depth history to us:
It all started in the spring of “1998” when I wanted to build a Koi pond in my garden, I asked for information, I looked in various pond building books and all the advice told a different story, so I was totally confused.

So I decided to go ahead anyway. I drew the design on paper what I thought would be spectacular with a large waterfall to each side to incorporate a rockery and lights and hidden out of sight was a large filtration system and UVs for the green water. I decided that the deepest part would be 6ft and the front would go out into the pond so as I could feed the fish. The size of this pond was 19ft across the back edge, and 14ft wide, so it was not just a small pond, some thought I was building a swimming pool in my front garden (this was my first ever pond).

I like to experiment and so I put a 5-year liner in the pond, but I had a very heavy-duty buffer, which I designed myself. The pond liner was in for over 10 years that I had the house, so this tells the story its how the whole construction and fitting of the liners are done correctly. I visited the house after I sold it and asked the new owners how long after I left did the liner last as the pond is till going strong, they said another 5-years, so in total the 5-year liner lasted 15-years, so I was very proud of my first ever pond build.
Once I had completed the build, I then stocked it with some Coldwater fish with lots of different colours and then I came across Koi Carp and I fell in love with them, but trying to find out the correct information on how to keep them, did prove to be very difficult and only some basic information was available. So, I was yet again experiencing problems of finding the correct information.
So I thought a little regarding if I am having all these problems at getting the CORRECT INFORMATION then there must be lots of other people have the same problem, and so this prompted me to start offering the service to others that were looking start with their own pond and keeping fish. ….. So that was where it all begun ....



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