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Repairs, Maintenance, Leak finding, Filtration Diagnostics & Up-Grades...
repairing a liner

Pond Services (uk) can assist in all types of repairs/maintenance, cleaning and finding those iloosive leaks. With our experience we can solve all your problems, from PVC liners/butyl rubber/concrete/ fiberglass and some plastic pe- formed ponds.

Many filtration systems are currently under performing, whilst they once coped with your pond are now struggling and require an upgrade. We are here to advise you on how to get the most from your filtration system and where it needs to be upgraded. (contact us now to arrange a site visit)

No job is to large or small for use and all jobs are carried out with the same care and attention to detail and also the very highest standards by all our staff.

All equipment and accessories supplied come with full manufacturer’s warranty and can be installed by either one of our team to safe guard your warranty or we can supply only.

We have built a deserved reputation for quality products, service and after-sales along with friendly advice.

We can offer the following repairs, cleaning and maintenance:

- On-Site Visits.
- Problem Solving.
- Maintenance Contracts.
- Ponds.
- Waterfalls.
- All Types of Pond and Water Feature Renovations.
- Filtration.
- Filtration diagnostics & up-grades.
- Pond Hoovering.
- Pond Cleaning.
- Leak Finding.
- Pond Revamps.

fixing a pond liner


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We are water gardeners and offer a wide range of products and services, please click the link below to see what we can offer you.

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