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Pond Services have been fantastic to work with, fully understanding the requirements and constraints of the project, working flexibly to accommodate our needs and working to tight deadlines. Ian gave careful consideration to the various user groups visiting the garden, their needs and how they would interact with the pond. Safety considerations where always paramount.
The resulting pond is well constructed, long lasting  aesthetically beautiful and provides ample quality habitats for wildlife. Ian’s technical knowledge and ongoing support have been invaluable and customer services is excellent.
I would highly recommend Pond Services.
Kate, Community Gardener & Engagement Officer (Cumbria Wildlife Trust)

"Thank you very much Ian for sorting our pond out, not sure what we would have done without you".
Jim & Sue from (Penrith)

"I tried for weeks to find the leak in the pond, Pond Services found it in half an hour....lol, it was the waterfalls not the pond. Would highly recomend them".
George & Helen Mallinson (Gretna)

"My Koi kept dying and could not find the problem, well done Ian you saved me a lot of money and my best Koi. I would recommend Pond Services to anyone".
Tom & Jean Hudson (Carlisle)

"Great job Pond Services, will recommend you".
John and Helen (Thursby)

"I can see my fish all the time now Ian....... thanks for fitting the stuff to the pond".
Pat & Jimmy (Carlisle)

"I was so pleased with Ianís help and assistance when I moved into my new house two years ago, that as soon as I had another problem in 2020, I contacted him straightaway, his professional outlook of his customers and his work is second to none, and especially as his business is established in Cumbria and I live in Essex, 10/10 service, he comes totally recommend|" Richard (Braintree Essex)

"My mother-in-law is very happy with the work that has been carried out and the way that it was done. Many thanks to Ian and his team for sorting this out for us in such a sympathetic manner. Much appreciated"                                    Yours, (Nicola & Euan Cumbria) 

"We are very pleased with the pond and would like to thank your lads for making such a great job of it and also for leaving the patio beautifully clean and tidy" (David & Mary) 

When we moved house, Pond Services came to our home, emptied our pond, removed our fish (which have sentimental value only, we have had them for 23 years) stored them for us until our new pond was ready & then brought them to us & released them. They were so helpful & friendly, we were very pleased we used this company. Excellent service, our fish are all healthy & well. We totally recommend Pond Service .
Jane & Chris, (Luton/Grimsby).

I have been meaning to contact you since my pond was cleaned. I am delighted with the results. Your men were ever helpful and polite and did a marvellous job of cleaning up before they left. I will have no hesitation in recommending your firm in future, and I am sure that I will be in touch again when the time comes for a 'refresher' treatment.
Shirley (Aylesbury).

This summer, Pond Services restored 2 very old ponds for us which we inherited when we moved house. What a team of lovely people. They were so helpful and we are delighted with the result. They made a great effort to keep everything tidy and to protect the rest of the garden. They have gone the extra mile at every stage" ( Mr & Mrs B Wigton) 




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