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Picture Gallery of some past work ...

Pond Services (uk) get's the work done, with over 40 years experience in the Water Gardening industry you know you are in safe hands and get a quality finish every-time.

Below are some pictures of the work previously done, just to give you an idea of our quality/dedication and quality of our workmanship from start to the finished result. We cannot show all of our previous work as there would be an album. This is just some of them.

(Before) Mud was 2ft thick in this pond
(After) Just need to wait for the grass to grow.
(Before) area to create a remote control boating lake for Keswick Council

(After) The completed boating lake.

Re-designing and re-constructing a current Koi Pond.

The finished Koi Pond with a large planted out area at the far end of this pond for fish to spawn etc.
Pond weed before we put our weed boat in to clear.
Finished pond after our weed boat had finished.
This pond has 2 large waterfall around each side and then meet and enter pond together.
We constructed a large fountain of stone in the center, with a hollow center to it so as the water will echo.
Pond Services UK Picture Gallery | Carlisle | Cumbria
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