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Members Section...

Pond Services (UK) are currently looking for businesses with an aquatic background and some basic experience of ponds and water features throughout the UK that can cope with additional work and to a high standard, If you think this could benefit you and your business then contact us via email now! With the possibility of joining our already expanding network of sub-contracting team.
The benefits of becoming a recognized Pond Services (UK) sub-contractor opens many doors and also only businesses that can handle additional work should apply. You will have all the huge benefits and backing of a large national company all he way.

Being a Pond Services (UK) sub-contractor !
-1. Greater buying power.
-2. Low hire prices.
-3. Low insurances.
-4. National buying power.
-5. Greatly discounted equipment.
-6. A network of other sub-contractors to help you out when required.
-7. Giving the customer greater confidence with a national company.
-8. Additional work/leads.

What you get !
- 1. A web-page hosting your area.
- 2. An already recognized national company.
- 3. Logo signage for your vehicle/s.
- 4. A national call center number.
- 5. Help desk if you are experiencing a problem or need on going advice.
- 6. Training if required.
- 7. Customer confidence in a national company.
- 8. Cash accounts for your company with all our suppliers.
- 9. Technical support team.

You will have all the great benefits and a large company network behind you.
But you are still in control of your business, working along side Pond Services (UK).

How it works !
-1. We supply you with leads.
-2. Our office will then email you with all the customers details.
-3. You then contact the customer to arrange a site visit, (1st site visit is chargeable to the customer).
-4. You then create a quotation for the work/s to be carried out, (if you require help in any way, then please contact us)
-5. The customer then contacts us to authorize the quotation and works to go ahead.
-6. We contact you to then arrange a start date with the customer for the works to be carried out.
-6. We issue the customer with a survey regarding all works etc carried out, after completion and there comments.

Some businesses would like to get involved in water-gardening, but lack the technical knowledge or know enough about it, so what we offer all our sub-contractor members is a nationwide backup service, where they can contact us to gain advice as to how to carry out the water-gardening job to high standards.

Any businesses wishing to join us have to be vetted and various credit checks made, not only to safeguard the customer, but also to be allowed to work under the banner of Pond Services (UK).
Please email us the following information to be considered:
- 1. Business name.
- 2. Contact name.
- 3. Full business address.
- 4. Full home address.
- 5. Contact telephone number/s.
- 6. How many vehicles & what type does your business own.
- 7. Any plant you may own.
- 8. How many years trading.
- 9. Do you have any knowledge of water-gardening.
- 10. Have you every been bankrupt or have County Court judgments against you personally or your business.
- 11. How many employees do you have.
- 12. What area do you cover.
- 13. Please supply 3 trade references.
- 14. Please supply 3 customer references.



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01228 496151 / 0333 0147778

Email. pondservicesgroup@gmail.com


Services Available

We are water gardeners and offer a wide range of products and services, please click the link below to see what we can offer you.

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