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Invasive Aquatic Plant/Weed  Removal & Control Specialists...    

Invasive plants and weed are fast becoming a major issues throughout the UK for Wildlife Ponds, Lakes and any spance of water no matter how small or large,  as plants multiply rapidly and the water becomes less until it dries up. For any wildlife this becomes a problem as many species depend on water to survive. So when the water is no longer, then they have either to find an alternative source or just die, and this is something we don't want, as we need creatures for our survival.

PondServices (uk) have over 40yrs experience in all types of water containment and management from small garden ponds through to large lakes. We have all the manpower and equipment to get the job done no matter the size of the problem. We understand wildlife and how important the protection for their habitats, and all work carried out is  with the utmost care at all times.   

All areas of water, no matter the size - require maintenance !
Fishing Ponds & Lakes.
Wildlife Ponds & Lakes.
Water Courses.
and all other types of Waterways


- Invasive Plant Removal.
- Excavators 2ton - 20ton.
- Long Reach Excavators.
- Weed Cutting Boats.
- Dredging.
- Aquatic Weed/Plant Management & Control.
- Amphibious Vehicles.
- Shallow Water Weed Removal.
- Booms, Spillage Containment.
- Maintenance Contracts Available (P.O.A).
- Weed Harvesting Boats.
- Land Based Mowing.
- Argo-Cats.
- Aqua Contracting.

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Services Available

We remove aquatic weed/plants from small ponds, fishing lakes, wildlife lakes, Canals, Rivers, Reservoirs, Wetlands, Quarries and all other waterways. We have the manpower and equipment to get the job done.

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