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On-Line Quotation & Helpline Service

- Please choose the relevent payment option below and follow the guide.we have previously indicated.
- Whilst the payment is being processed, you can gather various information required, click on the following text quotation information.

TELEPHONE HELPLINE SERVICE, cost is £30.00 a one off payment.
We offer a WATER-GARDENING HELPLINE SERVICE, just follow the below steps, as in some cases you do not always need someone to come out to solve your problem? if you are a DIY'er with some basic knowledge and skills between us we can diagnose the issue and help you fix it. If for any reason it is a bigger job and requires a site visit, then we can carry this out with our expert team of staff on hand around the UK.

............." ANY and ALL PAYMENTS ARE SECURE "
follow the below guide.

To use our trusted/safe on-line payment system, follow the step by step guide below.

- 1. Payments - Click on "Telephone Helpline" link.
- 2. Now choose the payment option requiring a payment of £30.
- 3. Now click on the " BUY NOW " button, this will take you to our PayPal payment page.
- 4. Choose and click on the grey button "Pay by Debit or Credit Card".
- 5. Now add all your card details as required.
- 6. At the bottom of this page you will see a “ check box ”(if you agree and are happy to pay) tick it.
- 7. Now click the button " PAY NOW ".
- 8. This will notify us when your payment has been received.
- 9. You can call our office on 01228 496151 / 0333 0147778 during office hours (Monday to Friday 9am to 4.30pm).
      Outside these times please call Ian on 07708 321486
- 10. An invoice will be emailed to you in due course.

Help and advice is just a phone call away:


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Contact Us

During office hours: 0333 0147778
......... . . . . . . . . .....01228 496151
Out of hours: .... ...... 07708 321486

Email. pondservicesgroup@gmail.com


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Is your pond loosing water ?
need our help ?
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